Adams Soloist Xylophones


Adams Soloist Xylophone XS2LA35, 3.5 oct, F4-C8, Pau Rosa, octave tuned, Apex frame.

Adams Soloist Series Xylophones feature a choice of Honduras Rosewood, Pau Rosa bars. They also include many of the same great design features found on the higher-end Concert Series Xylophones.

Each bar is painstakingly hand-tuned through the sixth overtone at the hands of a highly skilled Adams craftsman. This precise tuning and voicing process ensures the instrument’s sound is balanced perfectly across the entire range.

Pau Rosa
Offering a bright, sharp sound, Pau Rosa is an excellent, economical alternative to Honduras Rosewood for Xylophone Bars. This was formerly called Light Rosewood.

The latest innovation from Adams is their new Apex Frame. This new frame and height adjustment system will replace the Voyager and Traveller frames.

The features of the Apex Frame include:

·      New position of the central cross bar and sturdy side braces for enhanced stability

·      Promotes better sound quality with reinforced connections

·      Easier to move the instrument

·      Modern sleek design

·      Retains and improves the intuitive and simple height adjustment system

As the xylophone breaks down into smaller components, it’s easy to move your instrument around. Both the rails and resonators of the Soloist xylophone fold in half, allowing the instruments to fit easily in any car. The Soloist Series resonators are welded for strength and noise-free dependability and styled with a durable powder-coated finish. 

A fully padded cover or set of Tourbags from Mushroom Covers are available. Please email or call for details.