Welcome to the new The Little Percussion Company website. We bring some top percussion brands that you may not be so familiar with. With the ability now to find all the major brands at the touch of a screen or a mouse, we present those brands that are vital to your percussion requirements but are not household names- yet!

Many of our products are sourced, made and supplied here in the UK by smaller companies. We also include a few well-known names that fit our ethos of good, well priced products of high quality. 

Our focus is on products that you can't buy 'everywhere'. Our Mushroom Covers brand established now for over 35 years leads the way for instrument protection.  To complement Mushroom, we supply Hardcase, custom-made rigid cases from Trifibre and flightcases for all types of percussion and also non musical items.

We've added a few JAM branded products too- our folding timpani chair, tam-tam stand and even some Venezuelan maracas!  We also now have a cheaper non-folding back timp chair.

For timpanists everywhere, we have heads and skins galore!  Renaissance heads from Adams,  (currently unavailable)  Evans ET and Strata heads, (including Strata BD heads too) mellow European-sounding calf, goat timpani and bass drum heads from Litik.

We'll continue JAM's association with Adams Percussion -selling the full range of Adams instruments, including the  popular Universal and Revolution ranges of timpani and much, much more.

If you can't find what you require, please email or call us and we'll be happy to help and advise. info@tlperc.com or 0333 772 9524